4 Sep, 2018

“Wonder” Movie Lessons: August Pullman Teaches Us Valuable Bible Truths

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Here is the message as it was presented at Fountain of Life Christian Center on August 26, 2018 by Pastor Bob Millsaps.  You can enjoy the Wonder movie lessons as you listen. https://fountainoflifehouston.sermon.net/pa/21233503.mp3  I love the movies and I love Wonder movie lessons! In this blog I will

11 Jun, 2018

Healing Abuse A Case Study On Saul (abuser) and David (the abused)

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Here is the message in audio format if you care to listen rather than read. This message was shared on June 10th 2018 at Fountain of Life Christian Center. https://fountainoflifehouston.sermon.net/pa/21184912.mp3 Healing abuse and its after effects is possible if you know Jesus. I believe that and so did King David

7 May, 2018

Resist The Devil And He Will Flee Four Keys To Use Your Authority

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In this article and accompanying video, I will teach you how to resist the devil.  Yes, you have a real adversary.  I am talking about Satan and his principalities, powers, demonic forces, and even spiritual wickedness in high places.  But you also have been given everything in the Word you need to be

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