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11 Apr, 2017

How Nails in Jesus’ Hands Provide Authority of the Believer – John 20:25-27

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There is nothing more precious to the Christian than thinking about the nail scarred hand of Jesus.  It is known that as Jesus appeared to his disciples the scar where the nail pierced still remains. That and the wound on his side are scars that will remain upon him throughout eternity because we can

11 Apr, 2017

How The Crown Of Thorns Provides Healing For The Mind – Matthew 27:28-29

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The crown of thorns was just one instrument that produced seven streams of blood that flowed from Jesus suffering and passion on the cross of Calvary.  Each stream provides a different benefit for those who have trusted in the precious blood of Jesus. This article is just one part of a series of articles.

11 Apr, 2017

How The Blood of Jesus Shows Us We Can Submit Our Will Luke 22:39-44

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Some people do not understand why Christians around the world are grateful for Jesus and what He did on the cross.  They do not understand the power of the blood of Jesus.  It is interesting that there are seven streams of blood that flowed from the passion of Jesus Christ during his suffering and

13 Mar, 2017

How The World is Heading Toward Mark of the Beast Technology

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To anyone who is aware and watching and knows the bible, it is evident that the world is moving toward the mark of the beast at an incredible rate.   It is possible to see the actual fulfillment of prophecy that was spoken almost 2000 years ago.  The book of Revelation (written in 95 A.D.)

6 Mar, 2017

Anti-Semitism in US and World – an End Time Sign Found in Biblical Prophecy

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I intend to show in this article that the anti-Semitism that you see in the US and in the world is an end time sign.  I am writing a series of articles that will do two things. These articles will link current world events with biblical prophecy, and it will offer a biblical explanation

6 Mar, 2017

New Celebrate Recovery at Fountain of Life

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Map and Contact Information FOUNTAIN OF LIFE CHRISTIAN CENTER CELEBRATE RECOVERY PROGRAM Every Friday Night Dinner 6:30 PM Large Group Session (alternating teaching and testimony) 7:00 PM Small Group Open Share Sessions - Men's and Women's Groups 8:00 PM Call Bob at 832-545-4002 Celebrate Recovery is a biblical

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