30 May, 2017

Great Is Thy Faithfulness Five Ways God Promises To Be Faithful To You

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The Hymn "Great is thy Faithfulness" has encouraged many believers across decades. This article is written to show the theological foundations of the hymn as well as enumerate five ways God will be faithful to YOU.  If you wish you can play the video before, during or after you read the article.

11 Apr, 2017

The Significance of The Wound in Christ Side-God’s Forgiveness Isaiah 53:5

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Isaiah 53:5 tells us that atonement and forgiveness was provided for us by Jesus death. I am so appreciative of God's forgiveness. It was provided for us by Jesus. “But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities;” In a wonderful show of grace and mercy, God the Father accepted Jesus sacrifice in

11 Apr, 2017

How The Crown Of Thorns Provides Healing For The Mind – Matthew 27:28-29

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The crown of thorns was just one instrument that produced seven streams of blood that flowed from Jesus suffering and passion on the cross of Calvary.  Each stream provides a different benefit for those who have trusted in the precious blood of Jesus. This article is just one part of a series of articles.

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