Family is God’s idea. And it was not just a good idea, it was a fantastic, totally amazing, and incredibly wonderful idea and gift to humanity.  I have a memory that is very real to me, it involves just a typical day with my family.  We had all went to Cici’s Pizza, and I had a wonderful time. It wasn’t about the pizza, it had to do with a lot of fun and laughter and story telling and remembering that had occurred.  I distinctly remember walking out of Cici’s and thinking how blessed I was to have a family that loved God and each other. It was a happy moment for me, and I was just filled with gratefulness that God had blessed us so.

I know family is God’s idea, however, as a pastor, I have also been involved with some people and family situations that caused a lot of hurt, pain, sorrow and tears. I don’t think I need to recount those stories, some even from my own life, because those stories as well are part of human experience that just about anyone can relate to.  Family can hurt you. Family can bless you.  Family is God’s idea and can be a blessing or one of the biggest blows and disappointments people have in life.

Of course, we know that the first family was Adam and Eve.  God placed them in a perfect environment.  They lived in a garden of Eden.  There were beautiful animals and birds and trees all around. They had no worries. They had no car payment. They had no mortgage. They had food and they didn’t even need clothes. But if you continue the story you will see that even the first family had serious problems.  Eve was deceived by the serpent and took of the fruit, Adam willfully disobeyed God’s command, they got kicked out of the garden, and then to make matters worse, Cain slew Abel and the first family experienced the first murder.

If family is God’s idea, what was the purpose behind this longest lasting institution in human history?

Even before the fall, God recognized a need inside of every human being. That need was for companionship.  Genesis 2:18 “And the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.”  God wants for us to live in community. God’s hope and desire for every person is that they would know the love of family. Family is God’s idea and his solution to loneliness and isolation.

Even the modern world with its movies speaks of “familia.”  Being a car guy, we have watched some of the movies called Fast and Furious.  The racing and action are great entertainment.  If these people existed in real life, they would be horrible people. They don’t mind endangering everybody around them. They don’t mind killing others. They drive fast and furious. But what is interesting to me is that even in the movies they have a value called family. They stand by each other.  Even some of the Marvel comic characters call each other family.

All of that shows us something. You need friendship.  You need companionship.  You need the joy that comes from positive solid relationships in your life. Family is God’s idea and is essential for happiness.

It is amazing what people will sacrifice to have someone there beside them at night.  Some are abused for years but they don’t leave. Why? It is because they fear being alone and have a need inside to feel connected, even if it is to an abuser.

Others marry or get involved in relationships with people and down deep they know they aren’t what God intended for them.  Christians know the scripture says not to marry an unbeliever, but the need to have someone, and feel loved causes them to marry outside the faith.

Or consider the young lady who marries someone who won’t work or doesn’t have a job. At least they aren’t alone. Or people marry individuals who even before marriage have not treated them like the prince or princess they are. The desire for companionship is so incredibly strong. It is obvious family is God’s idea because the pull is so powerful.

My question is how can more people experience the positive powerful sense of belonging and connectedness that God had in mind when he created the family?

I am certain I have the answer to that.  People need to have Christ in their life as Lord and Savior.  And people need to base their lives on the principles of the Word of God.  The good news is that God wants you to have a positive family experience in your life.  Family is God’s idea and as the creator of family He understands the necessary ingredients.

Even though family is God’s idea that doesn’t mean that we as humans can’t mess up a good thing.  Maybe you grew up in a dysfunctional family. That’s okay. Most of us have experienced some of that. I believe that God can allow you to become healthy and whole so that cycle doesn’t continue to repeat itself.

Maybe you are in a relationship or marriage right now and your family just seems messed up.  That is okay.  God is in the business of changing lives and bringing back hope!  But don’t just sit there and do nothing.  Do something! Get counseling.  Talk to a pastor.  Involve yourself in a ministry that is changing lives like Celebrate Recovery.  God changes people and situations and he wants you to experience the positive side of family life.

God also knew that families in the 21st century would be broken and messed up and hurt and that is why he created the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.  There are loving caring churches that are communities where people experience the healing and life that perhaps they didn’t get to experience in their own family.  A church should care about one another like family.  God wants you to have family. If not blood family, then bought by the blood family.

Family is God’s idea, so let’s do something.

Stop living alone. Stop being alone. Stop isolating yourself.  Stop self-medicating and let’s walk together.  God created the family and he wants you to be able to enjoy it. If your family is all messed up and broken up. I have a verse for you.

Isaiah 58:12 NLT

    “Some of you will rebuild the deserted ruins of your cities.
Then you will be known as a rebuilder of walls
and a restorer of homes.”

Nothing is too hard for God. Every other week in Celebrate Recovery we watch the most amazing testimonies of how God restored families and relationships and how people are enjoying life again.

Recovery is possible.  Why? Because family is God’s idea. Be sure to listen to April Wilson’s testimony.  God is a restorer of homes.