26 Dec, 2017

The Prince Of Peace Christmas Reflections on Isaiah 9:6

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THE PRINCE OF PEACE I love to call the prophet Isaiah, the Christmas prophet.  Isaiah prophetically saw much of Jesus life and ministry 700 years before it happened. His insight into Christ birth, life, and death are amazing. Let’s begin with Isaiah 9:2  “The people who walked in darkness Have seen a great light;

4 Dec, 2017

How To Make Peace With Your Family This Christmas With God’s Help

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How to make peace with your family is a question often heard around the holidays.  In this audio message given on December 3, 2017 Pastor Bob shares with us that Jesus heart and purpose was to lead us in the path of peace.   In this message you will learn how to make peace with

4 Dec, 2017

International True Gospel Ministries Russell and LeVorn Spencer November 26. 2017

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International True Gospel Ministries was founded by Russell and LeVorn Spencer.  This is an audio message of their ministry.  International True Gospel Ministries also has sponsored the Marriage Ball. International True Gospel Ministries is a blessing. They have worked at rebuilding walls and restoring families among various churches in Houston and beyond https://fountainoflifehouston.sermon.net/pa/21062867.mp3

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