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Bob Millsaps is a graduate of North Central Bible College in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the pastor of Fountain of Life Christian Center in Houston, Texas. He is happily married to his wife Jureen and they have three sons, and one grandaughter. Bob has served the Assemblies of God as a missionary, pastor, youth pastor, and evangelist. Bob currently resides in Katy, Texas
31 Jul, 2019

Understanding the Role of Speaking in Tongues In The New Testament

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Unfortunately, in America there is a great deal of confusion about this area of  “speaking in tongues.” In this article we are going to look at tongues from A-Z so that you can fully understand the role of this interesting New Testament practice. The day of Pentecost

18 Jun, 2019

Why The Baptism In The Holy Spirit Is Necessary Today I Won’t Apologize

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We all need a fresh immersion in the third person of the trinity in these last hours.  You would think that after three years of walking with Jesus and seeing his miracles the disciples and followers of Jesus would be ready to work for the kingdom of God. But

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