18 Aug, 2020

The Battle For Holiness Understanding The Three Battlegrounds

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 I believe that many believers struggle in the battle for holiness.  Jerry Bridges is a wonderful author and he shares this personal story of his own struggle to be victorious: “The shrill ring of the telephone shattered the stillness of the beautiful, crisp Colorado morning. On the other end was one

12 Aug, 2020

Don’t Leave God Out Of Your Plans: We Don’t Know What Will Happen Tomorrow

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As 2020 started many people made plans.  They were confident these plans would come to pass. We are going to be looking at a passage in James in this article. The date of the writing of this article is August of 2020.  The world is still in the midst

20 Apr, 2020

Is The Church Essential? Three Ways The Church Blesses Our Society

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The Coronavirus has caused society to ask an all-important question: Is the church essential? Is the church an essential institution in our society? Obviously, the answer for any bible believing Christian is yes! Extremely essential. I want to jump right into the Word today by looking at who is the head of the church.

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