22 Oct, 2019

Do Not Forget God But Remember His Love And Favor Toward You (King David)

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Do not forget God when He promotes you and blesses you. This was one of King David’s most difficult seasons to stay faithful. David had remained faithful in natural things as a boy in his father’s house.  David had remained faithful when Saul pursued him in a season

23 Sep, 2019

Bible Lessons From Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse

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This article is from a message I shared that used the movie, “Spiderman, into the Spider-verse” for illustrative purposes. There are Bible lessons from Spiderman!  Can any of you remember the day when you were chosen by God? Can you remember that you were just like any other citizen of the

31 Jul, 2019

Understanding the Role of Speaking in Tongues In The New Testament

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Unfortunately, in America there is a great deal of confusion about this area of  “speaking in tongues.” In this article we are going to look at tongues from A-Z so that you can fully understand the role of this interesting New Testament practice. The day of Pentecost

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