Written by Joel Igbokwe
Luke 15:32 “It was right that we should make merry and be glad, for your brother was dead and is alive again, and was lost and is found.’”
Beloved of God,
God loves that child! That is why you must persevere in prayer!
It hurts for a parent to see his/her child sick. In Matthew 17:14-18, a man brought his son to the disciples of Jesus that they might heal him, but they could not, until Jesus showed up. He rebuked the spirit that was tormenting the boy. The spirit was cast out and the boy was made whole instantly. The man had faith that Jesus was able. And Jesus proved himself capable to heal all manner of diseases.  Have faith in Jesus Christ.   He will restore the health of your child or grandchild right now, to the glory of God the Father.  But God does want for us to persevere in prayer until the answer comes.
It hurts also, when parents see a child who was raised in the church, taught to pray and memorize the Scripture, turn his/her back on God.  It seems all your labors and prayers are dashed to the ground.  It does not matter how far your child has gone away from Jesus Christ, and from your expectations, don’t cease praying.   Your prayers over that child are like a seed sown on a fertile soil. You will reap the fruit, in due season, if you do not give up. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and your child will be saved. Forgive whatever wrong your child has done. Trust in God that he will help your child to be able to forgive him/herself for making bad choices that has brought heartbreak, embarrassment and shame to your family.   Believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform, and replant him in the saving faith of Jesus Christ. God loves your child more than you do.  His love is the basis for our ability to persevere in prayer!  If He loves them more than you do then He’s able to make his grace abound.  What the devil meant for evil in your child, God meant for good. Sometimes we are tempted to talk and express our disappointment and frustration with God.  We complain that He doesn’t answer our prayers fast enough.  This does not really help the issue; rather it makes us feel more depressed, and it weakens our hope. It makes us to be unhappy with our child, and unhappy with God.
The young man in our story was dead but made alive. He was lost but was found. It pays to pray and introduce Christ to the children early; plant God’s word in their heart to save you time of regret in future. You can’t go wrong on that. Do your work at home, before they would begin to accept things taught by the world and the enemy outside your home. If you know whom you believe, you won’t be ashamed to introduce Him to your child(ren). God will never let you down.
Prayer works! Never Give up! Persevere in prayer.