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Joel Igbokwe, husband to Comfort. Blessed with four children: Precious, Victory, Blessing and Wisdom. Joel graduated from Abia State University, Nigeria with Bachelor of Education, Management, and Planning. MBA in Healthcare Administration from University of Phoenix, Arizona. Joel enjoys writing and traveling. His mission is to make Christ known, to defend the orphans, and to encourage believers.
21 Apr, 2017

Do You Use An Alarm Clock? It’s Time To Stay Spiritually Awake Romans 13:11

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Written by Joel Igbokwe The writer to the Romans tells us that it is time to wake up in the spiritual sense. It is important as a believer that you stay spiritually awake.  Romans 13:11 "And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now

21 Apr, 2017

Are You Listening To God? Beware of Toads Or End Up In A Ditch 1 Kings 13

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Written by Joel Igbokwe Beloved of God, Are you listening to God? It could mean success or failure, victory or defeat. In a moment I am going to tell you the story that tells us to  'Beware of Toads."  I  hope that it will help us to remember this message.  Just excuse me that it