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How The Church Can Strengthen The Net To Keep People As Fishers Of Men

The church should be experts as fishers of men, sometimes however, our nets need to be mended. In this audio message Pastor Bob gives five ways the church can preserve the beautiful people God brings in.  If you are one of Christs fishers of men you will enjoy this message. Learn how to handle offences and properly speak the truth in love.  Understand, the importance of biblical community and creating an atmosphere of worship and praise where those present can sense His presence. Fishers of men know the importance of serving with excellence. This message was give on February 11, 2018.

Fishers of Men know the importance of strong nets and preserving the catch.

About the Author:

Bob Millsaps is a graduate of North Central Bible College in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the pastor of Fountain of Life Christian Center in Houston, Texas. He is happily married to his wife Jureen and they have three sons, and one grandaughter. Bob has served the Assemblies of God as a missionary, pastor, youth pastor, and evangelist. Bob currently resides in Katy, Texas

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